Articles and Papers

In this section we're pleased to share insights, trends and expert analysis on vital topics for today's customer contact world, including pre employment screening, employee retention strategies, and more. Our articles have appeared in major industry publications and featured on numerous industry websites, and the white papers share in-depth perspectives of important call center issues.

In this section you'll find:

Articles - Originally written articles by industry experts at Select International, on various aspects of managing a successful contact center. Some of these articles have been published in call center industry publications (see In the News), and some are exclusively available here.

White Papers - In-depth discussions of important contact center topics, such as how to reduce employee attrition, which can same centers millions of dollars each year. These papers are free for the asking, although they do require registration.

Resource Center - This section provides brief explorations of a wide range of topics and issues that affect contact centers today. Feel free to browse, print, and share - this is your resource. We hope you find it informative and beneficial.