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SACS Targets Root of Attrition Troubles for Call Center Management

For call centers in any industry, of any size, hiring agents with the greatest potential to stay and succeed is challenge #1. SACS aims to simplify that task for call center management - cutting employee turnover and absenteeism while boosting productivity in the process.

SACS evaluates how well a person will perform entry- to mid-level customer service and sales job functions. Evaluations are based on specific requirements of various positions within call centers, contact centers, retail outlets and help desks. SACS also functions as a development tool for current agents.

During the five years of development, Select International conducted extensive scientific research and tests to validate SACS against various job functions and industries, with major contributions from call center management and agents. SACS is guaranteed to produce positive results.

Emphasizing Simplicity

SACS works on practically any computer built in the last decade. Administrators only need an Internet connection to download SACS from an ftp site onto a local PC.

To take the 60- to 90-minute assessment, participants sit at the PC with a headset and follow verbal and written instructions. SACS comes in five different languages and dialects to reflect any client's environment.

Administrators can immediately retrieve reports online that rank participants in several performance hierarchies.

Weighted Tests for Model Agents

For employment screening, SACS was designed to fit into the hiring process between telephone and face-to-face interviews - although some customers use SACS earlier.

SACS measures 14 agent competencies - more than any other call center software - using a unique combination of tests, including call center simulations, logical reasoning, personality assessment, typing and data comparisons. Some questions measure up to five competencies at once. These span the spectrum for today's model agents - from typing speed and risk reliability to multi-tasking, problem solving and customer focus.

Measuring Up to Profiles

SACS produces scientifically formulated numeric profiles that measure a participant's potential against industry standards and the client's own benchmarks.

Generic profiles determine minimum cut-off scores for an agent in the main competency areas. Select developed industry-standard measures based on information from a variety of call center agent job functions and industries. Clients instantly get generic profiles for up to five agent positions at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, SACS custom profiles enable companies to create optimal cut-off scores for each of their call center positions. Select develops the profiles by administering SACS to 100 current agents. Call center management provides performance levels to Select for accumulation with existing data to calculate optimal targets.

Improving Employee Retention

As a development tool, SACS helps managers reduce employee turnover, optimize their current staff's talents and facilitate more proficient succession planning.

Current agents take the assessments just as a candidate would. Detailed development reports and plans pinpoint strengths and areas of opportunity. These profiles can help identify those agents best suited for new cross-selling or up-selling roles, or who should handle more complex problem-solving queues. SACS also reveals skill areas that could benefit most from targeted call center training sessions.

Unmatched Accuracy

SACS's validation stems from a system of measuring agents' potential against industry best practices and the specifics of a particular center's environment. Initially based on two random-sample scientific empirical studies, SACS extends validation through a unique program of continuous studies, reviews and readjustments to ensure corroboration of tests. Select also adjusts weighting and cutoff scores for individual clients.

Because any form of employment screening can raise red flags, fairness and equitability were designed into the testing program through the equal-competency baseline. SACS has never been legally challenged.

Call center management can experience SACS by viewing a brief online demo.

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