Enhanced Skills Assessment Testing With SACS Pre Employment Screening

Personality testing and skills assessment testing are standard recruitment tools that help Human Resources teams gauge applicants' chances for success during the hiring process. SACS pre employment screening software blends the two types of tests together and goes farther than both.

Many companies get caught in the trap of relying too heavily on personality tests alone. Two problems with that approach are that these tests are often too simple to give real results and that applicants have learned how to take them.

Skills assessment testing can give more solid results regarding how well an applicant can handle the technical nature of the job, but may not relate to your specific environment. With SACS in your hiring process, you can test an applicant across a broader range of skill sets and in a more specific manner than most other employee assessment products. SACS can give you a clearer picture of how an applicant will fare in your environment and in the positions you have in mind.

As examples, SACS can help you determine how an applicant will fare in a customer service position that requires tact, sensitivity, and creativity in resolving issues with particularly difficult customers. It can also help you determine an applicant's aptitude for turning a customer service call into an opportunity for up-selling. The more you know about applicants earlier in the hiring process, the better decisions you can make, and the more likely you are to improve employee turnover.

Beyond Skills Assessments: Call Center Training

The more comprehensive your testing tool, the more use it can be to you later on. SACS' multi-faceted design yields benefits far beyond pre employment screening. You can assess the particular strengths of your call center consultants and the challenges facing them. This can help you develop targeted call center training sessions to address their challenges and boost productivity. You can also leverage their strengths into improved performance and better customer service.