SACS Recruitment Software a Powerful Hiring Tool for Call Centers

Good recruitment software used for hiring needs to take into account the specific requirements of the environment and business. Many assessment tools and personality tests are designed for a generic pre employment screening assessment of skills and traits that could be useful to anyone. The problem with that approach is that it does not address the special skills and traits that first-rate call center consultants should have. Call centers can be stressful and demanding environments in which to work.

One reason employee turnover rates in call centers are so high is that standard recruitment software tools do not account for those things. SACS call center software, on the other hand, was designed to address the specific needs of call centers in order to effectively combat employee turnover.

Select International develops products for all sorts of businesses, and when they recognized the problem of employee turnover in call centers, they set about spending years working to find the best solution. The Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales (SACS) call center software tool is the result.

The SACS approach to pre employment screening is one of comprehensive, holistic testing. It is not limited to testing technical skills or fitting applicants into limited, pre-defined categories. SACS attempts to paint the entire portrait of applicants from their technical faculty with computers and programs to their ability to creatively handle sensitive customer service and sales situations. SACS call center software can also be modified to test specifically for success in your environment.

Recruitment Software Closes the Revolving Door

Many call centers have decided that rampant employee turnover is unavoidable and a revolving door mentality has taken hold of their hiring process. This can be terrible for managing time and resources as well as for morale. With the right recruitment software tool, call center management can better find the right people up front and keep them motivated in order to develop a solid and stable team of talented and qualified call center consultants. As a call center software hiring tool, SACS is in a league of its own.