SACS HR Recruitment Software Measures Potential of Call Center Consultants

There are many tools designed to help Human Resources with recruiting challenges. HR recruitment software ranges from simple personality tests to complex psychological and academic profiling software. The prices for such packages vary accordingly. For something on the low end of the scale, you can see what kind of person an applicant is but not very much about how they will perform in your environment. With high end products, the data is more complete but can be hard to translate into performance predictions.

SACS recruitment software is among the more in-depth testing software products on the market, but SACS is designed to yield results that are at once understandable and enlightening. Call center management can use SACS to test an applicant's ability to think on the go and to deal with extremely difficult customer service situations. SACS can measure their sensitivity in such situations and the creativeness of their problem solving. It can also measure technical aptitudes, like working with a number of computer programs at once and the accuracy of their data entry skills.

SACS is like standard HR recruitment software but with a Master's degree in your business. It's customizable so you can test for the skills and attitudes you most want from call center consultants and test for the likelihood of success in your specific environment. Gut instincts and personality tests can only get you so far because many applicants have learned how to interview and how to answer. SACS cuts right to the heart of the matter and gives you time to focus on your customers and on your core group of employees.

Recruitment Software - and So Much More

Call center management often use SACS first as HR recruitment software. But when clients see the scope of its capabilities, they tend to start using it for employee assessment and training as well. SACS can identify (on an individual and a group level) the strengths and challenges facing your call center consultants. You can then train them specifically where they most need it and build upon their strengths. When call center consultants' needs are addressed and strengths are recognized, morale improves, productivity improves, and employee turnover declines.