How SACS Lowers Call Center Employee Turnover

Call center employees need to have certain skill sets and certain personality traits in order to succeed in a busy call center environment. In call centers, everything must (and does) come through the voice and there is no smiling face to counteract a hint of irritation in that voice. This means call center consultants need to be able to maintain sensitivity and a professional demeanor at all times--especially when confronted with irate customers.

Call center consultants also need to be able to think quickly and respond to problems with creativity, sensitivity, and aplomb. Employees not well suited to a call center environment are often prone to increasing frustration, absenteeism, and apathy. Such attitudes can also spread through a call center making it even more important to hire the right people. What makes it worse is that some call centers have such high employee turnover rates that they try to keep consultants at any cost.

What's needed is a robust tool for assessing call center consultants before hiring them and for assisting in developing effective call center training sessions for them afterwards. SACS is that tool. More than almost any other such tool, SACS quantifies a consultant's technical proficiencies, psychological traits, and chances for success in your specific environment. SACS can also identify your consultants' strengths and weaknesses so you know for certain where training will do the most good and where you can set them up for success.

What Employees in Call Centers Need

Hiring the right people and combating frustration are the first steps in slashing employee turnover rates. The next steps are helping them overcome their weaknesses and recognizing their strengths. When call center employees see that you know how to help them succeed and are willing to acknowledge what they are doing right, they are more likely to come to work every day with good attitudes and the desire to excel. SACS can show you quickly where you should expend your time and energy for maximum results.

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