Pre Employment Testing With SACS Call Center Software

It's the case with many call centers that applicants are almost hired by rubber stamp. Often, the employee turnover rates are so high and the candidate pool so poor that companies can hardly help but hire everyone who meets the basic qualifications. One key to cutting attrition and boosting productivity lies in recruitment and training. Once you start hiring the right people and giving them the support they need, you will find you have more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

It is amazing how much time can be freed up when you are not constantly interviewing applicants and training new hires. Pre employment screening with powerful call center software takes much of the guesswork and gut-reaction reasoning out of the process.

Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales (SACS) is a pre employment screening tool that measures an applicant's aptitudes across a number of areas, gauges his or her personality, and can make recommendations as to where he or she might fit in best. Personality tests and "Do you think it's wrong to steal?" tests can only go so far - and it's not far enough.

Of the thousands of call center software solutions on the market that attempt to boost productivity and reduce employee turnover through recruitment, SACS is the only product that guarantees its performance with a 100-percent money-back guarantee. SACS also does not require a huge investment up front to find out if it works. It is available on an incremental basis.

Use SACS Beyond Recruitment

SACS can also be utilized during training and during performance evaluations. If a critical spot at the help desk or a managerial spot in sales opens up, SACS can help you find out who is best suited for the job. This is not to say that SACS should be used to circumvent seniority or performance-based promotions (which could lead to dissension in the ranks), but it could definitely break a tie. Select International has call center software tools and products that prove very useful also for quickly working through a mountain of applicants and finding the keepers. One of those tools is SACS.

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