Winning the Battle Against Call Center Employee Turnover

Employee turnover in call centers has gotten to be so expected within the industry that, too often, call center management simply accepts high attrition rates. They keep a mountain of applications on hand and wade through them on a regular basis just to keep up with the turnover. This takes enormous amounts of time spent reviewing applications, giving interviews, and training new hires. Changing this revolving door situation is the first step to successful employee retention.

Top-notch call center consultants want to work in an atmosphere where their co-workers do not change on a weekly basis. Such employee turnover erodes morale, takes time away from managers that could be spent cultivating the entire team, and is terrible for motivation. Why strive to improve if being the best simply requires showing up every day? By using SACS pre employment screening software, call center management can bring in the people with the talents they need and the attitudes they want.

SACS is arguably the most powerful pre screening tool on the market for boosting employee retention in the call center environment. Not only can it tell you who is most likely to succeed, it can tell you in which positions they are most likely to succeed. It can also tell you what your call center consultants' strengths and weaknesses are, both as a whole and individually. You can then spend precious training time where it will do the most good. When you look out for their needs and build on their strengths, consultants are more likely to succeed and less likely to leave.

With All the Tools Available, Why Choose SACS for Employee Retention?

No other tool takes such a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to fighting call center employee turnover with scientific pre screening. SACS was developed through years of working with call center management in real-world companies and studying real-world situations. Its approach is neither academic nor instinctive. It assesses each applicant on a multitude of levels and can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your situation. SACS is also the only tool of its kind that comes with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

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