Precise Pre Employment Screening With the SACS Call Center Hiring Tool

The Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales (SACS) call center hiring tool is possibly the most advanced pre employment screening software of its kind. It goes far beyond the scope of standard personality tests and incorporates the best elements of standard skills assessment tests. It is also customizable to a degree that few other call center solutions in its category can match. All of this means that you can get the most complete assessment of an applicant's chances of succeeding in your specific environment.

Ridiculously high employee turnover rates have become so common in the industry that many companies have come to the conclusion that it is unavoidable. Having tried everything in their experience and failed to see the results they needed, these companies have started cataloging vast numbers of applications through which they wade regularly. Such a situation consumes incredible amounts of time, energy, and money that could be better spent.

Fighting this war on attrition requires creative call center solutions, including a holistic approach to hiring, and a robust hiring tool.

SACS measures an applicant's technical ability to work with your computers and programs as well as his or her psychological ability to handle the demands of a busy call center environment. SACS can gauge an applicant's ability to think on the fly, to creatively resolve problems, and to remain sensitive to the needs of irate customers.

You Can Improve Employee Turnover

How many stories can you tell about a hiring situation from hell? Whether it's from a lack of time to conduct proper pre employment screening or from applicants gaming the hiring process just to get a couple of paychecks, hellish hiring stories are common. That is why Select International developed the SACS call center hiring tool to specifically address the unique needs of call centers. SACS customers have reported astounding drops in their employee turnover rates and great gains in productivity.

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