Choosing the Right Call Center Consultants Will Reduce Employee Turnover

One of the key challenges facing call center management today is reducing employee turnover rates and ending the revolving door mentality that so many call centers have adopted. Rather than looking at how changes in pre employment screening, hiring, and training practices can boost the caliber of people in their call centers, many companies have chosen to simply try and keep warm bodies in the room. There is no reason why you cannot have a solid, stable group of qualified and talented call center consultants.

The first step lies in identifying the right people, understanding what makes them the right people, and knowing how to train them to become even better. How many call center consultants have you hired who never even made it through training? What would you give to have employee retention measured in years instead of weeks (or days)? In-bound or out-bound, busy call centers require a certain type of person with inherent aptitudes that make them compatible with the job.

After finding the right people, the next major step is combating employee turnover. Attrition is most often caused by frustration. And the key to changing that is training and support. Once you understand call center consultants' strengths, you can bolster them and increase confidence levels. Once you understand weaknesses, you can approach them as opportunities for positive change. Confidence and growth will help you keep the people you really want.

How SACS Can Make All the Difference

SACS is not a simple personality test. It is a comprehensive pre employment screening tool that measures employee aptitudes and attitudes in a range of areas. Of all such tools on the market (and there are many), SACS takes the most multi-faceted and holistic approach to zero in on whether a candidate will be successful in the job. Improving the quality and efficiency of call center consultants will mean less employee turnover, which will mean less time spent hiring and training - and more time servicing your customers.

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