Precise Call Center Employment Testing

With the volume of applicants many call centers have, recruiters need to know how to rapidly test candidates and still make the best hires. Call center employment testing needs to take into account the computer skills, customer service skills, and problem solving skills of applicants in addition to how their personalities will mesh with your environment. With enough time, all of these aspects can be gauged by recruiters. But time is not usually on their side.

Rather than performing time-intensive interviews with every candidate, you can use technology to leverage call center employment testing in your favor. Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales (SACS) is pre employment screening software that can measure all of the areas where your applicants need to excel in order to succeed in your environment. SACS can also do it in much less time and to the same exacting standards with which you would do it yourself.

There are literally thousands of employment testing and assessment products on the market, but 98 percent of them are simple personality tests, or at best they are two dimensional. Such tests are fine but they do not offer the comprehensive, multi-faceted pre employment screening assessments that SACS call center software does. Avoid the trap of relying too heavily on personality tests because they tell only half the story. Of the products that do take a more comprehensive approach, none offer the guarantee on results that SACS call center software does.

SACS Is Not Just for Pre Employment Screening

Using SACS for employment testing is great for bringing the right people into your organization but its benefits do not end there. Once you have the right people, you need to keep them motivated and help them develop their talents. SACS call center software can help you identify their areas of strength and you can leverage that knowledge into boosting productivity. It can also identify their challenges which you can address specifically in your training sessions.

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