Control Employee Turnover Costs With SACS Call Center Software

Uncontrolled employee turnover costs a company in more ways than one. The first cost, of course, is the loss of the time invested in recruiting and training new hires who wash out before you see a return on that investment. How much more productively could that time have been spent grooming a talented group of capable call center consultants, building a sense of team within your organization, and boosting your overall productivity?

The cost of high employee turnover rates can also be measured by the money spent continually recruiting and training new hires who are just passing through. This is not just the money you pay to such new hires, it is also the money you pay your recruiters and trainers to fight this war of attrition. Time is money, after all, and all the time they spend fighting attrition could be spent on improving the quality and performance of your consultant team - for the same amount of money.

Runaway employee turnover takes its toll on your team morale, as well. Good call center consultants can lose enthusiasm for a company when the company cannot keep vacancies filled. The rule of mediocrity can take over because their needs are being ignored in an attempt to keep the seats filled. Such a situation often leads to frustration (on everyone's part) and frustration feeds attrition. It is a vicious cycle but one that can be stopped.

SACS Call Center Software Can Help You Win Your War of Attrition

SACS call center software measures an applicant's skills and attitudes (in a scientific and comprehensive way) as they relate to the duties you would have them fulfill. When you know his/her strengths and weaknesses, you can decide if an applicant is worth the investment, if an employee is right for a specific promotion, and if your training sessions are targeted in the right areas. You can also play to their strengths and set your call center consultants up for success. This is how you build a solid, stable team and slash your employee turnover costs.

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