Employee Retention Rates Improve With Pre Employment Screening

Employee retention is possibly the greatest challenge facing call centers today. How can you slow an attrition rate that ties up so much of your time in the recruiting and training of new call center consultants? How do you build a top-flight call center when so many new hires never even finish training? The central question here is: How do you find the right call center consultants and keep them motivated?

Many call centers have taken the attitude that employ retention is simply not possible. This is patently untrue. All it takes is a holistic approach to pre employment screening that addresses an applicant's strengths and his or her ability to thrive in your environment. SACS recruitment software can address aptitudes for multi-tasking, for handling irate customers in a creative and sensitive way, for accurate data entry, and for compatibility with your system.

Once SACS helps you find the right people with pre employment screening, it can help you find the best ways to keep them motivated. Employee retention is a matter of identifying call center consultants with the right skills and attitudes and then addressing their weaknesses through targeted training while leveraging their strengths for the benefit of everyone. SACS gives you the tools you need through its intensive and industry-leading multi-faceted approach to recruitment and assessment.

How SACS Reduces Attrition and Boosts Productivity

SACS produces results because it was developed through years of real-world experiences and continues to be refined with feedback from its users. SACS is not a simple personality test taken from a psychology book. It is designed to specifically address the changing needs and concerns of real-world businesses. In fact, SACS is the only tool of its kind that guarantees better employee retention with a 100-percent money back guarantee.

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