How the Right Call Center Solution Can Reduce Employee Turnover

Every industry faces certain challenges. And every business in that industry will face specific challenges. As a whole, call centers face the challenges of employee turnover, morale, and motivation. Fortunately these challenges are closely linked and can be addressed with specialized call center solutions. If you can properly motivate your call center consultants, you can build their morale and greatly reduce your employee turnover rate.

The first step to reducing employee turnover is hiring the right people. Powerful recruitment software like SACS (the Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales) can help you identify the right call center consultants in your crowd of applicants. SACS can identify the persons most likely to fit into your system and your environment and those most qualified to meet your expectations. Once they are in, your job is to keep them motivated. And SACS can help there too.

SACS is a total call center solution because it not only helps in recruitment, it also helps in training. By periodically reviewing your call center consultants with SACS, you can identify their strengths and their needs. You can then play to their strengths and develop training programs (individually and as a group) that will directly address their needs. When their needs are met and their strengths are recognized, consultant morale improves and motivation comes naturally.

Using SACS to Fill Your Own Needs as Well

Companies usually need call center solutions for management as well. Once the consultants are motivated and attrition is under control, SACS can help you find the right people to fill vacant positions. Success in a contact center does not always translate to success at the help desk or success as a sales manager. SACS can help you identify those individuals that have the skills and attitudes most required for the position in question. SACS is a tool for all levels of employee recruitment and assessment.

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