Control Employee Turnover With SACS Pre Employment Screening

High employee turnover can produce ongoing stagnation in a call center. How can you cultivate a superior team of call center consultants when large portions of your time must be spent recruiting new hires and getting them up to speed? How much time would you save if you cut your employee turnover rate by one third - or one half? How much difference could that extra time make if you were able to spend it on training and motivating your existing team?

One difficulty recruiters face is often the imposing stack of applicants from which they must find the promising few - and there is usually little time to do it. A robust pre employment screening tool that can identify applicants with the right skills, attitudes, and personalities, is what is needed. SACS is one of those tools. Using SACS pre employment screening software, recruiters can find the applicants with the specific skills they require, the attitudes they prefer, and the personalities to match their environments.

Once you start bringing in the right call center consultants through a holistic and scientific approach, you will find that keeping them becomes much easier. The secrets to fighting employee turnover are recognition and motivation. Recognize the areas where your team can improve and target your training sessions to those areas. Then motivate your team by leveraging their strengths to set them up for success. SACS can help you quickly and accurately identify those areas.

Making Selection a Part of Business, not a Hindrance

Some employee turnover is a natural part of business and can be quite positive by keeping new blood flowing and keeping the atmosphere dynamic, but it must be kept under control. Many SACS clients whose attrition rates were hindering business saw those rates reduced dramatically once they put SACS in their recruiting and training operations. It is not the only answer to employee turnover nor can it address every single issue but SACS is a powerful pre employment screening tool that can have a tremendous effect.

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