Pre Employment Screening With SACS Call Center Software

Giving pre employment screening to potential employees before making any hiring decisions is the best way to save time for recruiters, trainers, and call center managers. Call center recruiters often have imposing stacks of applications to wade through when asked to bring in a group of potential call center consultants. They are usually not given much time to make decisions, which makes the process a balancing act between finding the best people and finding enough potential call center consultants within the deadline.

Robust call center software like SACS gives recruiters the ability to quickly separate the candidates that could thrive from the ones least likely to succeed. Placed between phone interviews and face-to-face interviews, SACS can give the recruiter a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and whether they even merit a face-to-face interview. Simple personality tests alone cannot give you such multi-faceted assessments.

SACS (which stands for Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales) can quantify an applicant's aptitudes across a range of skills necessary for work in call centers. SACS can measure an applicant's ability to multi-task, deal with irate customers, and use creativity in problem solving. Pre employment screening with SACS can also tell a recruiter what positions a candidate might be best in, if the rest of the assessment goes well.

Saving Time Is More Than Just Saving Money

By performing pre employment screenings with the SACS recruitment software, recruiters can more quickly locate the candidates with the best potential and save precious interviewing time. This helps them bring in better candidates. Better candidates lead to hiring better call center consultants – which leads to reduced employee turnover and increased productivity. The time saved can then be spent on targeted training, morale building, and bettering your operations as a whole.

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