SACS Employment Screening Makes a Measurable Difference in Employee Turnover

Employment screening has always been a vital component of doing business. Hiring the right people is often the simplest way to improve your day-to-day operations and positively affect your bottom line. For call centers the process is even more important because of the industry's comparatively high employee turnover rates. Many call centers maintain a sort of revolving door that requires massive amounts of time spent recruiting and training - then doing it all over again.

The first step in cutting your employee turnover rate is to adequately assess each candidate's potential for success in your environment. Telephone interviews and personality tests can help but robust recruitment software like SACS can make a huge difference. SACS can give recruiters solid data on a candidate's capacity for working with several computer programs, for success in sales, and/or for working with potentially hostile customers.

Because SACS is call center software, it takes very little of a recruiter's time while yielding multi-faceted assessments that go far beyond the capabilities of other employment screening tools. This can help immensely when a recruiter has a mountain of applicants and a limited time-frame in which to review them. The SACS recruiting software takes a holistic approach to employment screening that can be modified to test for success in your particular environment.

Utilizing SACS to Close the Revolving Door

Once your employment screening process starts finding people with the most potential for success, SACS can help you keep that revolving door closed by improving your training methods. Employee turnover is often a product of frustration. Administering SACS to your call center consultants will help you identify their areas of strength and weakness on an individual level and on a group level. Then you can spend your training time where it will be most beneficial. Call center consultants who are succeeding rarely leave. SACS has a proven track record and stands behind a full three-month money back guarantee.

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