Call Center Training

With the relatively high rates of attrition in many call centers, training new call center consultants can be quite time-consuming and expensive. Consider also that it is not only new hires that need call center training. Unfortunately it is sometimes the case that the development and training of working agents gets abbreviated, postponed, or eliminated in order to make time to train the seemingly endless flow of new call center consultants. There are several steps to turning this situation around and making the time you need.

It is best to first identify what specifically your call center consultants need. This means both on an individual basis and as a group. By identifying core areas where your entire workforce (or large portions of it) can be further developed and improved, you can focus tightly in your group call center training sessions on those areas identified as having room for growth. You can also identify the group's areas of strength and leverage them into boosted productivity and increased job satisfaction.

When it comes to individual agent assessment and identification of training needs, your time investment can increase exponentially. Even more than with group assessments, a tool is needed. Select International has created many call center software tools for pre employment screening and training, and SACS is one. The SACS software allows you to administer tests to all of your call center consultants and it will identify those areas of strength and weakness on a group basis as well as on an individual basis.

Leveraging the Capabilities of SACS

SACS is a revolutionary call center training tool that goes far beyond the capabilities of the standard personality tests that many companies use. SACS can identify aptitudes across the spectrum of call center duties and can identify those areas that will most benefit from training. Using SACS is like having a seven-figure recruiter working for you that never needs either a lunch break or a personal day. By focusing your energy, time and spending on the right gaps (as identified by SACS), you can give your call center consultants what they need to succeed and you can focus on taking your company to the next level.

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