Customer Service Call Center

A customer service call center can be a challenging place to work. The customer may always be right, but the customer is not always happy about it. A good call center consultant needs to have the interpersonal skills to handle any customer challenge thrown at him or her, and the personality to maintain the appropriate disposition. This is not always the easiest thing to measure in a getting-to-know-you job interview. To get the most from your call center investment, you need to invest in the right people.

Through pre employment screening, it is possible to test applicants in a range of aptitudes while you simultaneously test their attitudes. You can test an applicant's attitude for a customer service or sales position while you test his or her aptitude with computers and data entry. You can tell whether a person has the constitution to be successful in a help desk position or if he or she would be better suited for a position where the ability to up-sell is required.

SACS is a call center software program that can do just that. It was developed by Select International through years of experience with pre employment screening and employee training for clients around the world. SACS has been tested not just in development but by real people in the real world. SACS customers have reported phenomenal drops in call center attrition rates and have come back time and again. SACS call center software works for in-bound or out-bound call centers focusing on customer service, sales, collections, polling, fund-raising, and the list goes on.

How SACS Stacks up with the Competition

There are nearly 4000 companies that claim to do what SACS does. Most of these companies offer simple personality tests that can do little to measure problem solving, logical reasoning, or any of the many other parameters SACS measures. No other tools meet the level of comprehensiveness that SACS does, and when it comes to reducing attrition rates and developing agent quality and efficiency, few can compete. Of those that can, none offer the 100-percent money-back guarantee on results offered by SACS.

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