Call Center Software

The world of the future will be all about leveraging the power of technology to make better decisions and to make them more confidently. The key to thriving in the new world will be having access to the most complete and accurate sources of information. SACS is new call center software technology that takes a revolutionary, multi-faceted approach to pre employment screening and identifying the training needs of call center consultants in sales and customer service.

SACS stands for Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales. It not only has the ability to explore an applicant's personality, it can also gauge his or her aptitude in a number of areas that are crucial to success for any call center consultant. After a productive and stimulating 60-minute session, it can yield tangible results concerning an applicant's problem solving skills, computer skills, reasoning skills, interpersonal skills, reading skills and more.

SACS is a powerful call center software tool for reducing attrition rates by hiring the right people in the first place. This pre employment screening technology can help you build a strong team that can close the revolving door to your call center, build camaraderie and boost your room's overall productivity. When a call center consultant is well suited to the job, confident in his or her skills, and happy to be part of a stable environment, everybody wins. SACS is not only about software; it's about people, too.

How to Keep Your Agents Happy

The bottom line is that you cannot make someone happy. You can only help them to make themselves happy. A call center consultant is happy when he or she is confident in the work, secure in the position, and surrounded by others who are as well. Negative attitudes can travel through a call center like the flu, and combating them should be a top priority. By reinforcing your consultants' individual strengths and helping them overcome their weaknesses, you can gain their confidence, trust and best efforts.

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