Call Center Consultant

What makes a great call center consultant or agent? Why is one person excellent at customer service but horrible at sales? Without relying on gut instinct, how can you know these things about applicants before hiring them? It is sometimes the case in busy call centers that the answer is simply to hire them, see how they fit after the call center training class, and then try as many different things as necessary to make it work. That is unfortunate, as well as unnecessary, and it costs you valuable time that could be spent cultivating your team.

Some people will tell you that a simple personality test can give you the answers and insight you need. That is not necessarily the case. Personality tests are fine, so far as they go, but they do not go far enough. A great personality is just that. A top-notch call center consultant needs to think on the go, deal with irate customers in a positive sensitive way, be creative in the way they reach resolutions, interface with various computer programs, enter data accurately, and he or she needs to be trustworthy--all in addition to having a good personality.

Now, you do not want to put every applicant through a grueling pre employment screening session to find out all of these things. (After all you do want people to stick around, right?) Select International has developed SACS (which stands for Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales) to measure all of the factors that make great call center consultants--including their personal motivation. SACS is capable of assessing all aspects that determine a person's ability to keep up, perform well in your call center and stay.

Building a Team of Great Consultants with SACS

Select International has built its business by helping their clients build their own businesses. Customers using SACS have reported astounding drops in their attrition rates and they keep using SACS for their growth hiring. SACS does not require a start-up fee. The program is available on an incremental basis. SACS is also the only pre employment screening product that comes with a guarantee of success. If you do not see the results you expect within the first three months, you will be refunded 100 percent of the purchase price.

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