June 20, 2005 - Toronto, Canada

Select International Helps Willson Improve US-Canada Commerce and Security

Hiring and training solutions boost employee retention, customer service
and quality of people along international border

Toronto, Canada - June 20, 2005 - Select International's Contact Center Division, a global leader in pre employment screening systems, today announced helping Willson International slash its employee turnover rates by 50% and improve professional development programs. With the Select Assessment for Customer Service & Sales (SACS) and other Select solutions, Willson strengthened its workforce stationed along the border to better facilitate and safeguard commerce between Canada and the United States.

On the frontlines of international security and shipping, Willson is one of Canada's largest full-service customs brokerages. Its industry has always been challenged to keep good people, given its unglamorous locations at border points and government buildings as well as heightened anxiety fueled by occasional evacuations from security scares. It also needed to find customer service representatives who had knowledge of tax codes and could understand complex documents in order to make correct decisions in allowing the safe flow of goods and collecting duties.

"Our staff was under tremendous pressure - they've had to pick up the slack from open positions that took a long time to fill as well as hasty hires that just weren't cut out for the job," explained Peter Willson, chief executive officer of Willson International. "With Select, we are saving millions of dollars in overtime costs, lost revenue from a lack of salespeople, and costs in constantly replacing and training our other service staff. We now have a more stable, qualified and happier workforce standing watch on our borders."

With SACS and other related Select solutions, Willson has the most accurate and comprehensive tools on the market today to identify, retain and train employees across all departments - from data entry to customer service to sales to management. By assessing skills and competencies before and after hiring, Willson could understand individual development needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid a mismatch of responsibilities that create risk for the organization and undermine morale.

"Willson's people are true unsung heroes for the critical role they play every day," said Luke McNally, president of Select International's Contact Center Solutions Division. "We are pleased to help them find and keep the right talent for their demanding jobs. Their deployment showcases the relevance of our solutions across the organization - people are the key to strong contact centers and beyond."

Besides ease of use, SACS is the most effective pre employment screening and call center training solution available today, measuring 40% more employee competencies and attributes than other assessments. SACS employs a unique combination of tests that measures a person's ability to work as a call center consultant - identifying candidates who are capable of, for example, working under the pressure of heavy call volumes, or managing frustrated customers while multi-tasking, or accurately and fully capturing data, or up-selling to help increase revenue. Its unmatched accuracy is guaranteed to deliver positive results in reducing employee turnover and absenteeism, increasing productivity and efficiency, and improving initial training "pass" rates.

About Select International Inc.

Select International Inc.'s Contact Center Division helps companies to develop, select and retain a stronger workforce. The Select Assessment for Customer Service and Sales (SACS) solution takes the guesswork out of selecting and developing great call center consultants who are motivated to succeed. Parent company Select International is a thought-leader recognized for innovation in testing technology, with one of the most complete and well-researched libraries of testing content for all organizational levels. Clients include AOL, AT&T, British Telecom, Goodyear, Manulife/John Hancock, Sony, TELUS, Toyota and UNICEF.

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