May 23, 2005 - Atlanta, GA

Select International Sets New Standard for Call Center Recruiting

Industry's most advanced pre employment software takes guesswork out of call center consultant hiring and development

Toronto, Canada - May 23, 2005 - Select International's Contact Center Division, a global leader in employee assessment systems, today formally introduced its new Select Assessment for Customer Service & Sales (SACS), a product that is reshaping how companies recruit and retain call center consultants or agents. By measuring 40% more employee competencies and attributes than other assessments, only SACS gives the necessary clarity to make informed decisions in building a more productive and stable organization.

Because labor is typically the greatest business expense, employee turnover is a persistent and expensive reality for any call center. SACS makes a significant impact on the bottom line by minimizing costs related to call center consultant recruiting, training and turnover, which add up to significant sums every year. Further, by identifying the right, motivated people for the job, organizations can also drive call center consultants' morale, productivity and customer satisfaction.

"We are seeing more executives recognize the urgency of getting and keeping the right talent as a way to fortify their businesses," stated Paul Stockford, chief analyst for Saddletree Research. "With an advanced solution such as SACS, they can invest in their people - their greatest asset - to do much more. Contact centers can evolve from being reactive cost-centers to proactive profit-centers that contribute in a more strategic way to the larger organization."

Peter Willson, president and chief operating officer of Willson International agreed, "With SACS, we are seeing a transformation in our workforce. Where we had a shifting collection of people - of which only some we could hope would develop into long-term and productive employees - we now have a more cohesive and predictable group of employees who can consistently deliver outstanding customer service. Without SACS, we would be going into the hiring process blind without a way to truly evaluate candidates or control costs."

As the most robust and effective pre employment software of its kind today, SACS employs a unique combination of tests that measures a person's ability to work as a call center consultant - identifying candidates who are capable of, for example: working under the pressure of heavy call volumes, managing frustrated customers while multi-tasking, accurately and fully capturing data, and up-selling to help increase revenue.

SACS' unmatched accuracy and ease-of-use are guaranteed to deliver positive results in reducing employee turnover and absenteeism in the first three months of hire. Customers will see improved training pass rates as well as increased productivity and efficiency beyond the initial training period.

"It's ironic that people can spend a month researching which car to buy, but when it comes to hiring someone that costs at least that much every year, they take a résumé on faith, rely on single-stream personality tests and/or make a gut decision after just a quick interview," stated Luke McNally, president of selectSACS, Select International's Contact Center Division. "Intuition must be supported with real information, especially when the stakes are so high with call center consultants who represent your company and brand as well as pull in revenue. SACS gives the visibility companies need to identify the best talent and prevent bad apples from coming in to spoil the bunch."

To extend its reputation for thinking differently, the company has also launched its new online customer center that accelerates how business is done. More than product data, the customer center - located at - arms executives and managers with the information and analysis needed to properly evaluate their contact centers as well as to make a business case for action. Through the site, customers also have a real-time pulse on their implementation and on-demand access to SACS and self-help tools.

"We want to shake up and reinvent the industry," McNally added. "Even with all the technological advances, employee retention and productivity are still stubborn challenges for contact centers. So to help win this fight, we are leading the way with a new, fresh approach - from how we interact with our customers to our focus on a single, easy and effective pre employment software solution, as opposed to a confusing suite of products."

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