About the Profiles

Some assessments leave you with ambiguous scores and too much interpretation and guesswork. Not SACS.

You receive a scientifically formulated numeric profile that lets you measure a participant's potential accurately against industry standards and your own environment's unique benchmarks.

Generic Profiles determine the ideal minimum cut-off scores for a call center agent in the main competency areas. We developed our industry-standard measures based on information compiled from a variety of call center agent job functions and industries.

Generic profiles are accurate and instantly available at no additional cost. Just select the type of generic profiles you want (up to five) and they automatically load onto the SACS scoring.

Custom Profiles create optimal cut-off scores for each call center position in your organization. You also enjoy enhanced performance from participating agents – thanks to individual development plans linked to training opportunities.

To create custom profiles, a minimum of 100 current agents take SACS. Managers provide us with their current performance levels. Select International then accumulates this data with our existing data bank information and calculates optimal profiles. We give these to you and monitor them annually for re-norming.