Frequently Asked Questions About SACS Call Center Software

If you have a question about SACS call center software, you'll probably find the answer here. If not, don't hesitate to send us your question. We'll get the answer for you!

Q. How do I know if SACS, or any assessment tool, is legally defensible?
A. You only have to know how a tool was developed, and if it complies with one or more of the following regulatory bodies:

Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Federal Register, 1978)
The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education, 1985)
The Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc., 1987)

These sources provide well-documented guidelines regarding the validity of testing.

You can be confident that SACS is legally defensible because it was scientifically developed over the course of five years using empirical validation studies. We conduct ongoing empirical studies to maintain our high level of accuracy. And of course, SACS complies with the guidelines of all the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Q. If the testing methodology used by SACS is so powerful, why don't more companies use this
A. Two reasons: First is money. The SACS approach is complex and requires substantial research and financial investment on our part. (But don't worry - we don't pass the costs onto you!)

The second reason is that it's very difficult to see the benefit because the algorithms at the back end (or the engine) are not visible to user. Many companies would rather 'fluff up' their assessments to appear really great to the user instead of investing efforts where they really count - in boosting engine power!

Q. What is a realistic attrition target?
A. The answer to this question will vary from call center to call center. It's impacted by the quality and size of the candidate pool you have. And how attractive your offer is to applicants in the market place. You also need to consider the type and quality of training, support, coaching and leadership your organization offers.

However, if one is to 'ball park' this expectation, it is our contention that - should you use an end-to-end systemic selection system that includes SACS - you should be able to obtain a world-class standard of 15% for inbound and around 20% for outbound.

Q. How long before I'll see results with SACS?
A. Your interviewers should immediately start to say: Wow, we're really seeing an improvement in the quality of applicants being presented to us.

With all things being equal, you should begin to see a reduction in attrition within the first three months of using SACS. Remember, there are many other factors impacting attrition that also need to be addressed!

Q. Can you customize SACS?
A. Of course you can! We can help you create custom profiles that will accurately determine optimal success ratios in your environment.