How SACS Scoring Works for Employment Screening and Development

We are going to demonstrate how SACS scoring works by introducing you to Joe Smith. Joe has applied for a position in your call center - here are his credentials:

  • High school graduate
  • Bank teller, two years

You have conducted a telephone interview with Joe and rated him as follows:

  • Oral communication: 7
  • Positive attitude: 6

Based on this information you invite him to the next step in your employment screening process.

If that step is SACS, you'll see below how Joe scores in various skill areas.

In SACS each competency is scored on a scale of 1 to 10.

10 being the best possible score you can get and 1 being the worst. (Note: no one can score 10 or 1 on every single competency!). Also note that Typing Speed is words per minute!

Joe Smith Profile
Q. Would you definitively hire Joe based on this overall average of five point two? Would you identify his growth areas as sales and problem solving?

A. Well that would depend on what type of job you are evaluating Joe for!

In this instance Joe is applying for a Data Entry Job. This is how his scores compare to the SACS Data Entry profile, which would ensure his success. And sure enough, Joe exceeds the requirement. Even though his Problem Solving and Sales Focus score may appear low he meets the minimum requirement for success on this job. Not only does he meet the minimum requirement for each competency – he also meets the minimum over all average.

Joe Smith Profile
Q. Now would you hire Joe?

Here is Joe's score compared to the SACS Data Entry profile. And sure enough, Joe exceeds the requirement. He's strong where he needs to be and for this job does not have any obvious areas of development. No question. Joe Smith would move on to the face-to-face interview.

You can compare each assessment against up to five job profiles to find the best match - at no extra cost: For example.

  • Outbound sales
  • Collections
  • Inbound service with up-selling
  • Inbound service, no up-selling
  • Service with high problem solving

Or we can develop customized profiles for your call center sales and/or service positions.

Use Profiles for Call Center Training

Now let's fast-forward six months. You hired Joe and he's a valuable member of your team and is very keen to move into an open outbound sales position. Let's see how he does against the sales profile. There's no need to retest Joe. His SACS scores are valid for up to 12 months.

Joe Smith Profile
View Demo Q. Based on this comparison of Joe's scores, relative to the Sales Success Profile, do you think Joe's ready for sales?

A. Probably not. But thanks to your SACS call center software, you've avoided a potential problem. And you've identified an opportunity to help Joe prepare for this role by identifying specific areas for call center training and development.

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