Your SACS call center solution leaves no doubt as to how job candidates will perform in your call center environment before you bring them on board. You'll make the best, most informed decisions for hiring and development - reducing employee turnover and boosting the overall productivity of your agents.

The SACS Call Center Solution - Easy as 1-2-3
Your schedule is busy enough. So we made the SACS call center solution as easy as it is effective. You can choose between the PC based version of SACS or the on-line web based version.

Web version of SACS, Simply...
1) Click on the "take SACS link"
2) Agents or candidates take SACS
3) Get Results - instantly from the web.

PC version - Simply...
1) Download SACS - from a link and install on your PCs
2) Agents or candidates take SACS
3) Get Results - instantly from the web.

Note: typically, countries where the internet connectivity/bandwidth is slow will benefit from the PC version

Participants simply sit at the PC with a headset. They familiarize themselves with the environment in a unique testing 'playground.' Then they follow verbal and written instructions to complete the 60- to 90-minute assessment.

See the Complete Picture
The SACS call center solution measures more agent attributes and competencies than any other assessment. To do this, SACS uses a unique combination of tests:

  • Call center simulations
  • Logical reasoning
  • Personality assessment
  • Typing
  • Data comparisons
  • Call Centre specific multi tasking

Some questions measure up to five competencies at once!

SACS Measures...

  • Productive words per minute (more advanced than typing speed!)
  • Risk Reliability
  • Customer Focus
  • Data Entry Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Processing Speed
  • Quality Focus
  • Ownership
  • Sales Focus
  • Multi Tasking*
  • Reading & Comprehension*
  • Ability to Learn*
  • Stress Tolerance*
  • Basic Math*
  • Inferred measure: ability to use a computer

* SACS is modified to keep up with industry changes - these are new measures have been included to meet customer demands, in the upgraded version of SACS

SACS Generic Profiles
The resulting numerical profiles will show you how participants qualify for up to five job descriptions at no extra cost:

  • Sales Representative
  • Collections
  • Inbound Service with up-selling (CSR & Selling)
  • CSR, no up-selling
  • Service with high problem solving (Help Desk)

Just for You
So your call center is a bit different. And your agents need specialized skills. No problem. We'll happily work with you to customize SACS' measurements and reports to give you the most effective call center solution possible.

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