Attrition Calculator

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We've told you SACS can reduce your attrition costs. But what are your attrition costs? And how exactly do you define attrition? We keep it simple:

Good Attrition: (Yes, it exists!) Agents perform well and move to another position in your company. While it's frustrating to lose a good agent, your company's investment stays in-house.
Bad Attrition: Agents leave your company altogether - voluntarily or via termination. Even when it seems positive to rid yourself of a "bad" employee, it's troubling that he or she made it through the selection process in the first place. And in either case, your company loses money.

Using your actual data, the SACS Calculator will show you just how much bad attrition costs per year - and how much you can save by reducing the frequency of bad attrition with SACS.