SACS Clients Declare Victory in
Employment Screening and Agent Development

Companies that use SACS for employment screening and agent development have been quick to share their positive experiences. The following is just a sample of the feedback we have received from satisfied clients.

"Implementation of SACS validated specifically for SBSA CCC, has resulted in a decrease in average churn from 28% to 4%, and an increase in Training pass rates from 52% - 95% resulting in massive cost savings to the Group." ... I therefore strongly recommend Select SACS SA (Pty) Ltd assessment tools, based on the solid financial returns and value-add, as well as the level of professionalism experienced from the Select team."
Extract from letter written by Michele de Waal, Director Customer Contact Center; Standard Bank of South Africa; full document available on request

standard bank

"The quality of service and support provided is phenomenal. Select's turnaround time for queries and assistance is almost "instant" as they are always available to respond ... they are always willing to assist and accommodate our requirements whenever necessary.

What is unique about Select is a quality missing in many companies these days; they have the ability to provide a truly professional service whilst maintaining the personal touch. Words that come to mind are: Professional, accommodating, customer focused, friendly & reliable."
Extract from Netta Hayward, Manager Performance & Reward, Eskom. 


"I am blown away with the caliber of agents you have recruited. They are absolutely wonderful. I can already see huge potential in the room."
B Spies, Training Manager, Nedbank


"Essentially SACS works transparently in a non-threatening environment; it's not an IQ based test nor is it gender or race biased and it has proven itself time and again. Its ability to identify potential has even benefited people that have not worked before and have gone on to prove to be perfect for this industry."
Extract from KZNonSource Murray Donkin, Director of Contact Centres, Nedbank and Contact Center CEO of the Year Award 2008 South Africa; full article available on request.

"SACS and SALD were used to source candidates from a disadvantaged area for a pilot contact centre in South Africa. A key success factor for the pilot was to ensure we could source candidates from the local under-resourced community and run a contact centre that would perform on a par with contact centres employing agents with work experience. During the pilot the agreed measures of success were well exceeded in terms of attrition, performance and culture, setting new standards in the contact centre industry. There was a clear correlation between the results individuals achieved on their assessments and the resulting performance. Both tools were recommended for implementation within the broader company based on the success of the pilot in terms of recruitment and results.

The best way to describe Select is 'partnership'. As a consultant, I interact with a number of large service organisations and I refer Select as a preferred option in all instances where a selection tool is needed. Select partner from the beginning to ensure the right solution is implemented. Based on this experience, I have no hesitation in Select meeting directly with a client because they ensure they understand client needs, priorities and non-negotiable aspects up front, and then engage clients in a professional, partnering manner. In all interactions with Select I know I have support, insight, empathy and delivery on tap. "
Extract from Interview with Melissa Middleton, Director of EYT

"Select offers an excellent suite of products that have proven time and again to be a very powerful dimension of our recruitment process. The quality of our recruits has improved significantly since we started using SACS. Both the training department and the operations area have commented on the great quality of staff recruitment is providing post the roll out of SACS.

We have not only found a great solution in SACS but also a wonderful business partner. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and assist us as we learn through this process and operate successfully at both a strategic and operational level. I struggle to criticize or offer advice to a solution that I believe represents international best practice."
Extract from Interview with Murray Donkin, Director of Contact Centres, Nedbank and Contact Center CEO of the Year Award 2008 South Africa

"In my dealings with both the SACS software and the customer support, I can say that I have been more than satisfied with the results they have provided us. We use the SACS screening for every applicant joining the sales team and has become a valuable referencing tool.."
Benjamin Tuff, Director Sales Caribbeanway


"Coming from a strong call centre background (Telkom, Multichoice, CIMS and Whirlpool) I absolutely love SACS. It is definitely the best call centre assessment tool I've ever come across."
Zenobia Mohamed. Resource Manager Quest

"This time last year, I had more than a 40% turnover. This year, after implementing SACS, it's down by 65%."
Peter Willson, CEO Willson International

"I used to spend 85% of my time on hiring and recruitment. Since implementing SACS, that number's down to 25%, leaving me time to focus on my primary role: operations."
Karen Barrett, Operations Manager

"Select's tools are a 'no-brainer' and should be utilized by any company interested in hiring the right people, improving existing agent performance and driving customer satisfaction."
Chris Roberts, GM, British Telecom


"I'd be more than happy to share with others our great experience with SACS."
Rita Job, First Line Mortgages


"The Select Assessments have been very valuable tools in our hiring process. The assessments do a great job of measuring the competencies required for our positions. We are very pleased with the associates who have been hired through Select's process. In addition, SelecTrak provides us with quick and accurate information on our candidates. It saves us valuable time and allows us to process our candidates with ease. We can make same day hiring decisions thanks to the automatic scoring feature in SelecTrak. We also use the reports regularly to keep track of our department budgets. All in all, Select provides great products and always-responsive customer service."
Pat Tetzlaff, Human Resources Coordinator, Strong Capital Management


"I have been very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of Select's service. Select has been able to use the core basics from Smyrna and build on that. Directors have indicated that they are pleased with the data they receive and with how the data helps them with their hiring decisions."
Bob Mullins, Nissan


"When we discuss vendor relationships at PPG, we point to Select International as the model to which all of our vendors should strive. Select is a great company with which to work."
George Krock, Director, Human Resources Planning & Development, PPG Industries


"At Copperweld, we use Select International's systems at virtually all organizational levels throughout North America. We have clearly improved our hiring decisions! The folks at Select International are also very easy to work with, are user-oriented and always very responsive. We recommend them highly."
Frank Burks, Corporate Director, Employee Relations, LTV/Copperweld

"Select International has been the answer to my hiring needs! Challenged with hiring 400+ distribution associates in a six-month timeframe for a new retail distribution facility, Select International was able to design and implement a hiring approach tailored to my needs. Using their recruiting and selection process enabled me to meet my staffing needs on time and within budget. I was often complimented on the quality of the distribution team at our facility by outside vendors and company executives. Our turnover was well below the industry average. I would highly recommend Select International to all HR professionals seeking a customized, yet affordable solution to their staffing needs."
Irene Fostyk, Director of Human Resources, Levin Furniture

"I knew that Matt and Kevin were developing a selection system with increased validity and a shorter hire cycle. It wasn't really widely used at the time, but I went with them because I had confidence in them. I took a risk that turned out to be one of the best professional decisions I've made. Our cost-per-hire has been reduced by 25 percent and our turnover in the year after using Select's system is the lowest it has ever been. We processed 11,000 applicants for 525 jobs in a 6-month period. That would have been impossible with our old system."
Greg Smith, Human Resources Manager, Subaru-Isuzu Automotive


"The candidates we've hired using Select's system not only meet our technical skill requirements, they have the desire and energy that so few candidates have. Select's technology has enabled us to effectively process over 14,000 applications in four months. Their staff is flexible, sensitive to the unique needs of a client, able to respond quickly to changing circumstances, and most importantly - available when you need them!"
Merrill Millard, Manager of Human Resources, AK Steel


"I've been through three start-ups with this company and I thought we had a pretty good process. Select International's experience with start-ups enabled us to take a good process and make it even better. It gave us structure and challenged us to consider the importance and impact of aligning people systems like staffing, work design and compensation."
Steve Brague, Plant Manager, James Hardie Building Products

"Select International is a specialized partner that we relied on daily when we were hiring our new workforce for our startup in Monterrey, Mexico. Because of the success we had in Monterrey, we implemented the system at our Springfield, Ohio, location that presently employs over 5,000 people."
Luis Buchanan, Navistar International


"Without Select International's help, we would not be where we are today. By applying the five component startup model, we were able to avoid many of the common mistakes that can be made at a greenfield operation."
Greg Timmons, Human Resources Director, Defiance Precision Products

Corning Cable Systems started their search for an efficient hiring system with a large competitor of Select International. Resumes and applications changed hands nine times and candidates had four to five visits to complete the hiring process. This arduous process produced a 28:1 ratio for applicants to hire. Corning's average hiring time was three months per candidate.

Corning Cable Systems had goals: 6 to 8 weeks hiring time, $2800 cost/hire and an applicant ratio of 16:1. The result with Select's solutions: 4 week hiring time with one 4-hour visit, $1500 cost/hire and a 1:7 hiring ratio - above and beyond Corning's expectations.