Get Stronger, Smarter, Sharper - Only With SACS Pre Employment Testing

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"I'm tired of new agents quitting before training ends."

"Despite our best efforts, our call center is like a revolving door."

"I want to help my agents succeed - but I don't always know where to start."
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Then you're ready for SACS.

Wherever your employees and customers connect, SACS can make a difference. Call centers, contact centers, retail outlets and help desks from any industry – can greatly improve employee retention, customer service and sales performance using SACS pre employment testing. That’s because SACS accurately evaluates a person’s ability to perform mid- or entry-level job functions within customer service and sales environments. So you’ll consistently have the most qualified agents interfacing with your customers. SACS pre employment testing knows what makes a good agent. See if your experience matches ours!

But what exactly makes SACS your best choice? Here are five excellent reasons:

  • SACS Is the Most Accurate Assessment. LEARN MORE
    • Enjoy unsurpassed speed, stability and performance from the most powerful pre employment testing methodology on the market!
    • You get the most complete picture of anyone's true potential, because SACS measures 40% more than other tests. (Oops correction the upgraded version of SACS is 60% more comprehensive than any other contact assessment in the market today!)
    • Since personality only accounts for 14% of an agent's success, personality is just one of five SACS testing methods. SACS uses a unique multi-faceted testing method that evaluates competencies and attributes across different types of tests - often concurrently. For example, SACS measures quality focus in three different ways across multiple touch points. Plus, the answers to certain questions are not obvious. In many cases, there is no right or wrong. This ensures heightened accuracy.
    • Why aren't more testing companies using this method? Money. The SACS approach is complex and requires substantial research and financial investment on our part. Don't worry - we don't pass the costs onto you.
    • Employee Retention: Keep the right agents in the right seats by measuring their potential against industry best practices and specifics of your environment.
    • We re-evaluate SACS monthly to represent the latest trends and your most pressing concerns.
  • SACS Is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3. LEARN MORE
    • With SACS you have the choice of using a PC based version of SACS or the version that is web based.
    • Web version of SACS, Simply...

      1) Click on the "take SACS link"
      2) Agents or candidates take SACS
      3) Get Results - instantly from the web.

    • PC version - Simply...

      1) Download SACS - from a link and install on your PCs
      2) Agents or candidates take SACS
      3) Get Results - instantly from the web.

    • Note: typically, countries where the internet connectivity/bandwidth is slow will benefit from the PC version
    • SACS works seamlessly as a simple add-on to your current hiring process.
    • You'll notice an immediate impact!
  • SACS Is Ideal For Hiring and Call Center Training. LEARN MORE
    • Not only will you hire great agents, you can also create detailed development reports and plans for every agent in your center - including current agents - so that you can train them effectively.
    • Find strengths and weaknesses to help agents improve their performance.
    • Give managers the information they need to help their agents.
    • Enjoy more proficient succession planning.

  • We Guarantee Positive Results. LEARN MORE
    • Every SACS client has experienced positive changes in productivity and/or employee retention. In fact, no company has experienced less than a 10% overall improvement.
    • Whether you're out to reduce attrition or boost performance, we'll tailor a risk-free guarantee based on your goals.
  • We Can Prove It! 
    • Check out our case studies to see how others have benefited from the SACS advantage.
    • You can also read more about our validation. Building on the scientific empirical study conducted to create SACS pre employment testing, we continuously perform studies, reviews and readjustments to ensure corroboration of our tests.
    • View our testimonials page to see what other companies are saying about the SACS advantage.